Meet our Directors

DoveLewis Board of Directors

DoveLewis DoveLewis
President & CEO

Ron Morgan

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

Andrew Franklin

Vice Chair

Courtney Anders, DVM

Pearl Animal Hospital

Elizabeth Altermatt Herman, DVM

Elanco Animal Health
DoveLewis DoveLewis DoveLewis
Treasurer and Finance Chair

Bill Rouse, CPA

Kern & Thompson, LLC
Human Resources Chair

Scott Bontempo

Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Jenny Beedle, DVM

Frontier Veterinary Hospital

Anna M. Joyce

Markowitz Herbold PC
DoveLewis DoveLewis DoveLewis

Alison Lord, DVM

Pearl Animal Hospital

Alexandra McLaughry, MVB, DACVIM

Barbur Boulevard Veterinary Hospital

Maridith Rounsavell, DVM

Banfield Pet Hospital

Steven Skinner,

Veterinary Member
Angelique Whitlow, CPA

Terry Taillard


Angelique Whitlow, CPA

Hunter-Davisson, Inc
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