For Your Clients

Caring for the “pet loving community” is a core part of our mission—and that includes your clients. We see it as a privilege expand your resources to best support your community. See what’s available for you.

Financial Aid

A donor-funded program to help qualifying families in their moment of need.

Our donor-funded Velvet Assistance Fund can help your qualified clients cover the cost of their pet’s emergency care. Let’s see how it could help your clients:

  • Cases must be outpatient (non-hospitalized) emergencies.Clients must state a financial need, and can receive funding once per year.
  • Clients must apply for Care Credit first. If they qualify, the full limit must be used before financial aid is applied.
  • Up to $1,200 will be applied to the patient’s balance.
  • A DoveLewis veterinarian must examine the patient and confirm without diagnostic testing that the animal has a good prognosis without fatal injuries or unrecoverable symptoms.

Brochures + Clinic Materials

Helpful tools to help you share resources and options with your clients.

What materials would be helpful for you and your clients? We have plenty to choose from. 

  • DoveLewis Brochures
  • Blood Bank "Superhero" Flyers
  • Pet Loss Support Program Information
  • Hospital Business Cards
  • Contact Info Magnets
  • "Rescue Me" Window Clings for Home Emergencies

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Pet Loss Support

If ever there was a place that appreciates how important pets are in our lives, its here. See what options there are to connect with resources for processing grief and honoring pets.

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After-hours Voicemail Recording Script

Just because clinics close in the evening doesn’t mean that your patients’ needs stop. Many of our referring veterinarians give their clients DoveLewis magnets or update their voicemail to help them in case of an after-hours emergency. What’s a simple voicemail recording?

“If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital at 503-228-7281. They are open 24/7."

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