Velvet Assistance Fund

Emergencies are stressful. Our donor-funded Velvet Assistance Fund helps relieve the cost of emergency care so people can focus on the health of their four-legged family member. See how.

Who is Velvet and how can I help?

The Velvet Assistance Fund was named after Velvet, a dog who was stranded with her companions after falling off a ledge during a climbing trip on Mt. Hood. She huddled with them all night, keeping them alert and warm through the night until rescuers arrived in the morning. She helped her people get through their ordeal, and the fund named in her honor helps thousands of animals and the people who love them every year. 

The Velvet Assistance Fund relies solely on donations from generous community members committed to helping animals and their owners. Donate to the DoveLewis to help animals. 


What does financial aid cover?

We’ve designed our financial aid to relieve the cost of emergency treatment in an effort to help as many animals as possible with the available funds. To help as many of the communities animal's as possible, funds are focused on supporting illness and injuries that are recoverable.

Is there anything that financial aid doesn’t cover?

Yes. We’d like to help every animal, but some medical care is better served by a primary veterinarian or will not improve the quality of life of the animal. Our veterinarians must decide that an animal has a good prognosis without fatal injuries or unrecoverable symptoms.

Who can receive it? 

Our financial aid program is intended to help low-income pet owners who state a financial need when we admit their pet.

Thank You, Pardon Thy French!

We are grateful for the support and advocacy of people committed to ensuring that animals receive the care they deserve. Pardon Thy French and its friends are using its global influence to support DoveLewis’ ability to offer financial aid.
Thank you!

You Can Help

Even the smallest donation can make a difference to injured or ill animals. 

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How do donations and support make a difference to animals in emergencies?

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