More than a place to go in an emergency, DoveLewis is a hub for education, support and community. It's with the support of donors, volunteers, and other great neighbors that we can do so much.

DoveLewis’ Federal Tax ID number is 93-0621534.

As a Non-profit, DoveLewis depends on your support.

Reinvesting in Our Community for Pets and People

Non-profit organizations operate and are maintained to serve a public good. Any net earnings by a not-for-profit organization are used by the organization for the purposes of which it was established. No one “owns” DoveLewis and no one makes a profit from our success. The board of directors is made up of unpaid volunteers, but our staff is paid. DoveLewis charges for its medical services to cover the costs of ER and ICU medicine. Any net earnings by DoveLewis are used to pursue the organizational goal of providing exceptional animal emergency and critical care services. This could include buying new medical equipment. 

DoveLewis’ Federal Tax ID number is 93-0621534.

As a nonprofit, we rely on the support of our generous community members. Some are able to donate financial gifts, others offer their time or expertise, and many do both! 


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Board of Directors

As a 501c3 nonprofit, DoveLewis is governed by a board of directors made up of community members and veterinary professionals committed to making DoveLewis the premier animal medical center in the Pacific Northwest.

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