What to Expect

Resources for Pet Owners

ER walk-in hours: 2pm-11pm.

Call DoveLewis in advance of arriving to confirm our hours and get helpful resources.

Exotic Care Appointments

A team with deep knowledge in avian and exotic care that's available by appointment to help your furry, scaled, or feathered friend.

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Costs & Financial Aid

Advanced emergency and critical care can be expensive – just like going to a human ER. Understand how our process works and what options might be available to you.

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Health Tips

Healthy, happy lives for pets start at home! See what you can do to keep your pet healthy all year.

Veterinary Hospital Portland

Urgent Care Appointments

Skip the ER. Urgent Care is open every day, 8am-6pm.  

Book an Appointment

For emergency care, call 503-228-7281 to speak with a veterinary technician.
ER walk-ins: 2pm-11pm.