What Types of Jobs are at a Nonprofit Veterinary Hospital

We envision a world where every animal gets the care they deserve. And it takes hundreds of staff members, plus a community of volunteers, donors, and animal lovers to make it happen. Join us.

Jobs at a Veterinary Hospital and Local Nonprofit


Jobs for Veterinarians Portland Oregon


With Urgent Care, Emergency & Critical Care, and specialty departments, there are opportunities for veterinarians with ranges of experience and goals. 

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Technician Jobs in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Technicians

As leaders on the floor, our veterinary technicians play an integral role in our patient care and mission. 

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Jobs in Veterinary Medicine

Animal Care Assistants

Running a veterinary hospital requires a lot of people! Animal care jobs make a difference to patients and their worried families every day. 

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Jobs in Veterinary Medicine

Customer Service + Support

Our Client Service Representatives and Client Liaisons bring comfort to the families of our patients. 

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Nonprofit Jobs in Portland Oregon

Business + Administration

As a local nonprofit, DoveLewis' team includes roles in accounting, philanthropy, marketing, HR, and more. 

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