Specialty Services

We're proud of the doctors on our team who have undergone extensive training to become specialists in their field. It’s not often you find so many board-certified doctors in one place, and all of them are dedicated to helping Oregon’s animals, pets and the people who love them.


From birth defects to critical conditions brought on by trauma, heart diseases and disorders can have a serious consequence on an animals’ quality of life. Veterinary cardiology can make a difference for your patient.


Internal Medicine

We can work with you to diagnose and treat your patients' chronic or complicated disease and support their long-term health.

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The imaging tools available through radiology help us safely understand our patient's state so we can plan the best course of treatment. We work with local veterinarians every day to bring clarity to cases.

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Critical Care

Our comprehensive approach of criticalists partnering with emergency teams, other specialists and local veterinarians offers the best chance of recovery to our patients.

About Our ICU


With a 24/7 emergency room and 18,000 patients a year, surgery is an inevitable part of the job. But did know you that referral surgery is an option here?

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