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Pain Management

We manage pain with a perspective that extends beyond conventional pharmaceuticals. "Integrative" pain management speaks to an overall philosophy of caring for the whole pet with complementary therapies so your pet can live their best life.

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Appointments for new and returning dog and cat patients can be booked online. Initial appointments include meeting with Dr. Earl to review your pet’s history and develop expectations and goals for the future.

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A whole-body approach to giving your pet their best life.

Is Your Pet In Pain?

Pets are notorious for hiding their pain from us. Any major change in your pet's behavior may indicate pain or discomfort, including decreased appetite, obsessive licking, or even a reluctance to rest in a favorite spot. Understanding their signals is a crucial step on the path to a more comfortable life.

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Common Conditions and Treatments

From short-term medical situations to chronic conditions, there are a variety of reasons why a pet could need pain management support, including:
• Current medications are not helping or a pet is unable to take some medications
• Recovering after a trauma or surgery
• You are looking for non-surgical ways to manage your pet’s discomfort
• Your pet’s cancer is causing pain and impacting their quality of life

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What is Veterinary Acupuncture?

One of our most common treatments for patients gets the most questions. Read on for some of the most frequently asked questions about veterinary acupuncture and how it could help your pet, including:
• How does acupuncture for pets work?  
• What are the side effects of acupuncture for pets? 
• How many appointments will my pet need?
• Will my pet feel pain?    

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Resources for Pet Owners

Is Your Dog in Pain?

Dogs have a natural instinct to hide their pain. This checklist from the IVAPM can help.

Is Your Cat in Pain?

There are options to relieve pain. Use this IVAPM checklist to consider your cat's needs.

Quality of Life Scale

Evaluate and track the quality of your pet’s life to help make decisions about their care.

A Group for Connection & Support

While we lovingly provide care to our cherished companions, it can also be a confusing, tiring, overwhelming, and isolating experience. The Caregiver Support Group is a space where people can connect to learn about topics relevant to caring for a companion, as well as yourself, and to find support in community with others.

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