Katherine Earl

Katherine Earl started her career at DoveLewis as an intern in 2007, and she has remained on staff ever since. Dr. Earl wanted to be a veterinarian since she was five years old. Passionate for the area of pain management, Dr. Earl pursued a rigorous curriculum of online and in-person classes, examinations, and case logs/studies to receive her CVA (certification in veterinary acupuncture) through IVAS in April 2020 and establish DoveLewis' Integrative Pain Management service. Dr. Earl is anticipating her CVPP in fall 2021. 

Outside of work, Dr. Earl enjoys skiing, cooking and throwing dinner parties, listening to music, reading books and chasing after her two toddlers. 

Making connections

“I love working at DoveLewis because I love connecting with owners and their pets and providing them with whatever care I can.”

Professional Interests
  • Pain management
  • Managing polytraumas
  • Anesthesia
  • Urethral obstruction in cats

  • DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital - Veterinary Internship
  • Oregon State University - Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine
  • Reed College – English Literature, B.A. 

  • One three-legged rat terrier – Lemmy (Dr. Earl adopted Lemmy after he was brought in to DoveLewis as a stray)
  • One retired blood donor cat – Boyd
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