Important Referral Information

Call 24/7 for ER + ICU Referrals: 971-255-5990. Or find resources for your team, patients, and clients here as we all work towards offering the care that animals in our community deserve.

How to refer to specialty departments


Prepare Your Client

These are unusual times we're all working in. Help prepare your client for what they can expect at DoveLewis, including:

- ER v. Urgent Care Options
- Costs of Care
- Industry challenges
- Historic Wait Times
- Kindness towards veterinary teams

Get Tools for Preparing Clients

Use the Portal

Our veterinary portal is more than a standalone referral tool. It can streamline your team's work and our communication regarding shared patients.

Even if you need to speak with us for medical advice, the portal can expedite record sharing and improve our ability to help.

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