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DoveLewis EmpowER DVM Mentorship Program

Clear metrics, a dedicated mentor, and a job commitment mean you can be empowered in your journey to becoming an emergency veterinarian.

Guiding Your Journey in Emergency Medicine

A comprehensive pathway designed to support and guide veterinarians interested in pursuing a career in emergency and critical care. This DVM mentorship program aims to provide valuable hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and personal mentorship to fuel your career in emergency.

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emergency veterinarian mentorship

Building a Lifelong ER Career

1:1 Mentorship

A dedicated mentor you can turn to for real-time guidance, feedback, and supervision to foster skill development and boost confidence as you learn.

Hands-on Clinical Training

Days, swings, overnights. With 12+ shifts a month, you'll experience a 24/7 hospital setting with the help of ER experts.


Didactic Learning

You won't just be in the ER. You and your mentor will have weekly cases reviews alongside targeted learning and discussions.

3 Year Employment Opportunity

This is a job opportunity. Your first year in the ER with a dedicated mentor will guide you into two years as a staff veterinarian at DoveLewis.

A New Approach to Becoming an Emergency Veterinarian

How is This Different from Other DoveLewis Roles?

veterinarian mentor

"My first love at DoveLewis is the ER. I am excited to bring my on-the-floor practical knowledge to help new doctors excel at the art that is practicing medicine in an ER."

-Katherine Earl, DVM, CVA, CVPP