One way to support DoveLewis is to purchase something on our Wish List. This is a great way to directly provide an item that will be used immediately in our hospital. It is also a fun way to potentially engage your coworkers or family in service of our nonprofit emergency and specialty hospital.

Ongoing Needs

Items on this wish list make hospitalized animals more comfortable. You can find our complete wish list here. But here are a few of our most highly requested items from our medical and program staff.

Baby Food We exclusively accept Beech Nut Stage 1 baby food in meat flavors (beef, chicken, and turkey.) Many animals that receive treatment at DoveLewis aren’t feeling well and refuse to eat – however, they often can be convinced to lick some of this nutritious treat. Our blood donor dogs also get this as a treat following their donation.

Towels & Blankets Do you have gently used linens you no longer use or want? We go through bins of towels and blankets each day at the hospital and would be glad to take them off your hands! Blankets and towels make comfy beds for our patients and help keep our kennels clean.

New Dog & Cat Toys Every blood donor dog and cat receives a fun new toy after their blood donation. Toys also make great giveaways at DoveLewis events. This helps us create a positive experience for our blood donors and is a nice thank you gift!

There are many more needed items – check out our Amazon Wish List to find complete information.

Top Fundraising Priorities

Sometimes our medical staff identify critical equipment that wasn’t budgeted for in this fiscal year. Philanthropy can help fill this gap and directly support our staff in caring for animals. You can help DoveLewis purchase new equipment to make our care more efficient with some of these needs recently identified by our hospital staff.

Platelet Agitator ($2,000)  For use in the Blood Bank, this machine provides continuous side-to-side motion for the safe storage of platelets.

Intensive Care Unit Incubator ($3,000)  For use in the Emergency Room for wildlife, exotic pets, and neonate kittens and puppies, this incubator would allow medical staff to provide oxygen, heat, and humidity at the perfect levels to keep delicate patients stable and comfortable.

Veterinary Education Captioning ($18,000)  Our popular veterinary education video platform reaches almost 30,000 members and 208 countries. However, we haven’t been able to offer closed captioning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Since so many of our videos include complex medical terms, closed captioning could benefit the hearing community as well!


Interested in discussing any of our equipment or wish list needs? Contact the Development team at 971-255-5918.

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