Veterinary Neurology: A Resource for Your Pet and the Community

Advanced medical care isn’t just for humans—our team of board-certified specialists can offer incredible care to your pet’s emergent or chronic conditions.

Filling a Need When Oregon Needs it Most

Oregon’s pets need the best care we can offer, and there just wasn’t enough veterinary neurology care available. So we’ve added two neurologists to our team of board-certified specialists to make sure we have the resources to care for pets when they need it most.

Neurology 101: What You Need to Know

Why would my pet need to see a neurologist?  

Your pet may need a neurologist if they have a condition or injury that impacts their brain, spine, nerves, or muscles. Some animals need the help of a neurologist when they’ve experienced a trauma and come to our ER—a car accident or terrible fall, for instance. Other patients come to us because they have chronic issues that need specialized support, like epilepsy.

What conditions do you treat?

  • Seizures
  • Spinal injures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Balance issues
  • Nerve and muscle conditions
  • Chronic pain

Our neurologists work with our emergency team, specialists, and your general practitioner to support a wide-range of conditions. Speak with your general practitioner about your pet’s condition to see if a neurologist is right for them.

Do I need a referral?

No. We accept client-made appointments. Once you have requested a veterinary neurology appointment, we will contact your general practitioner for your pet’s medical records, so please speak with your general practitioner before requesting an appointment.

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