Spencer Greve

Spencer retired from a rewarding career in healthcare as one of the 2 founders of the KOR Physical Therapy, with several locations in the Portland area.  He was responsible for all the business functions and clinical operations. Prior to that, he was in the action sports world focused on the wakeboard and snowboard markets, via design, manufacturing and marketing. These days Spencer is spending time in the real estate and angel investing worlds.  Together with his wife Connie, they are raising their 2 boys Calvin and Xander, who are active in the local sports community.  Born and raised in the Portland area, Spencer attended Jesuit High School and then travelled south for a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and played golf for the Golden Bears.  A lifelong competitive golfer, Spencer now enjoys the $5 nassau games at Portland Golf Club, where he also has been involved on several committees. Although a lifelong dog lover and doggie Dad, Spencer recently said goodbye to his beloved Stella, and his work with Dove Lewis is a tribute to her memory.