Leslie Nies

Leslie is a 2013 graduate of Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She originates from Missouri, but received her undergraduate degree in International Communications at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. After a brief time tending bar in Scotland (you know, International Communications, and all), she landed in Manhattan working in book publishing (a few steps in between have been edited out of this summary). As incredible as that experience was, for Leslie, it paled in comparison to the draw of the northwest. She moved to Portland in 2004 and worked for the Sales Department of a local microbrewery while attending classes to apply to vet school. During that long, circuitous route, the joy of the hard-won benefits of finding a career that is finally the right fit is being appreciated. Still combining the ability to meet a wide variety of interesting people with giving the highest level of care to their pets in a profession that allows for continual learning and growth has been as rewarding as she had hoped. The most meaningful part of her career remains connecting with pet owners, helping them navigate the road of their pets’ lives to make them as long and as high quality as possible.