What to Expect

Our emergency room walk-in hours are 8am-11pm. Learn more about what you can expect if you visit our emergency room.

How do we decide which patients to see first? 

Just like at a human ER, we see patients based on the severity of their condition, starting with animals who are experience life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Our team will perform an initial evaluation of your pet and assign a level of severity to them. This process is called “triage” and it helps us know how quickly your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian. 

You’re worried about your pet—we are, too! Below is a summary of the levels of severity, the order in which they are typically seen, and examples of common conditions. If your pet is assigned a less severe score, there might be other resources available to you, including Urgent Care appointments or seeing your primary veterinarian.

ER Conditions and Triage

Understanding How We Evaluate Patients

"Triage" is the initial evaluation of your pet, and it informs how quickly they need a vet.
ER Evaluation


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Costs & Financial Aid

Advanced emergency and critical care can be expensive – just like going to a human ER. Understand how our process works and what options might be available to you.

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