What to Expect

If you’re worried, we’re worried, but local veterinary teams (including ours) are working under unusual circumstances that will impact your visit.

As one of the only fully operating 24/7 hospitals in the area, we are struggling with the same staffing challenges and high caseloads that your local vet likely is. We recommend pursuing additional options because we cannot guarantee that we will be able to treat your patient.

Other Care Options


We are treating a record number of patients and we are currently at capacity caring for patients who need immediate treatment.

DoveLewis is often one of the only hospitals in a two-state radius receiving patients on the weekend. A national staffing shortage is limiting our ability to grow quickly, and we do not have space to safely treat every animal who turns to us.

We know you’re worried and that your pet needs help, and we are so sorry that we can’t do more at this time.

As you consider your options, here are some suggestions that may help.

If you believe your pet’s condition has changed, call 503-228-7281x2 to be re-evaluated by a technician.

We know this feels like an impossible situation, and we hope to return to our full capacity soon. Thank you for being kind to our team.

Have you called your veterinarian? 

When possible, we recommend that you contact your primary veterinarian to discuss your pet's condition. They can help decide if your pet needs to be seen right away, or if your pet can be seen on an appointment. Some veterinarians may be able to fit in an urgent appointment at short notice. Examples of urgent illnesses/injuries that may be able to be seen by your pet's veterinarian include: 

  • Ear infection and skin complaints
  • Small cuts and minor injuries
  • Upset stomach
  • Weight loss

If your veterinarian is unavailable, call DoveLewis to discuss over the phone your options. 

How We “Triage” Patients

As an ER with an Intensive Care Unit, we must see patients based on the severity of their condition—starting with animals who are experience life-threatening illnesses or injuries, such as a poisoning or a car accident. Animals who are not experiencing life-threating conditions are considered “stable” and will typically wait longer. Examples of stable conditions are minor wounds, sore ears, and skin conditions.

    Call Before You Visit the ER

    We are treating patients who need immediate attention. Call to have your pet evaluated.

    Get Pet Health Tips

    Want to learn about how seasons, holidays and daily activities can impact your pet's health? 

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    Costs & Financial Aid

    Advanced emergency and critical care can be expensive – just like going to a human ER. Understand how our process works and what options might be available to you.

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    Call before you arrive, please. 

    Like other businesses, COVID-19 has impacted our staffing. There may be times we can’t treat new patients. Call 503-228-7281 x2 to have your pet evaluated and understand your options.
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