Exotic Veterinary Care

Care for Wild and Exotic Patients

DoveLewis has upgraded its options for for wildlife and exotic animal care with the addition of Dr. Kelly Flaminio, an exotics-focused veterinarian. 

Our Exotic Care Team Help Rabbits, Small Mammals, Reptiles, and Avians. 

  • Care for exotic pets that are brought to DoveLewis in an emergency and by appointment
  • Treatment options for complex injuries (like surgery for broken limbs or wings) in cooperation with Audubon Portland
  • Veterinary education and training on wildlife and exotics care for our staff and the local veterinary community

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Training Teams and Building Confidence

As a teaching hospital, on-the-job training and skill-building is central to our team's culture. In addition to her passion for DoveLewis' wild and exotic patients, Dr. Flaminio is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with the veterinary community. Not only does she build the confidence and experience of DoveLewis' veterinarians and technicians, she also partners with atDove, the hospital's distance learning and veterinary training tool, so professionals across the country can learn, too. 

Exotic Care Training
Dr. Flaminio (right) partners with a colleague on the emergency treatment of an injured hawk.

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Exotic Care Appointments

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From DoveLewis' Newsletter for Donors, Winter 2022

Meet Dr. Flaminio