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Exotic Veterinary Care

All animals, no matter the species, deserve high quality medical care. Our Exotic Care team is focused on helping animals in need of urgent medical care.

Finding care for exotic patients can be difficult!

DoveLewis has upgraded its options for for wildlife and exotic animal care with the addition of Dr. Kelly Flaminio, an exotics-focused veterinarian! Many people will find that the veterinarian that they take their dog and or cat too is unwilling to see their exotic pet. Why is this? Unfortunately, the education of veterinarians when it comes to exotic species is limited. In order to practice high quality medicine, exotic veterinarians must seek out specialized training to be competent in treating these species. This leads to a limited number of veterinarians able to provide care for these pets. Dr. Flaminio believes that all animals, no matter the species, deserve high quality medical care, and has dedicated her career to learning about and expanding the knowledge of exotic animal medicine.

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What types of animals do we help? 

The Exotic Care team at DoveLewis provides urgent care appointments for all non-dog and non-cat species. Our goal is to provide timely care for those pets whose regular veterinarian is unavailable or for those who do not have an established primary care exotic veterinarian. 

  • Birds, including parrots, chickens and other domestic poultry
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Fish

What conditions do we treat for exotic animals? 

  • Broken bones, injured limbs, or limping
  • Predator attacks
  • Eye injuries and discomfort
  • Breathing or respiratory issues
  • Skin irritation or infection
  • Lethargy, loss of appetite, or other changes in behavior
  • Mass removal
  • Ingestion of a foreign body, toxin, or poison
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Cloacal/rectal prolapse
  • Egg binding 
  • Crop stasis or impaction

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A Collaborative Approach to Caring for Exotic Animals

The Exotic Care team also collaborates with DoveLewis' specialty departments, including Radiology, Surgery, Cardiology, Dermatology, and Neurology.

Surgery Consultations

Emergency surgery can typically be performed same day with overnight recovery in our 24 hour staffed ICU. Surgeries for stable animals can be scheduled typically within 1 week of consult.

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We collaboration with DoveLewis Radiology for abdominal ultrasounds to help diagnose foreign material ingestion, ferret endocrine disease and much more!

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