Kelly Flaminio

Dr. Kelly Flaminio helped DoveLewis launch its exotics focused veterinary care in 2022. With her incredible knowledge and deep expertise, DoveLewis can now provide upgraded care for wildlife and exotic animals.

Devoted to Caring for Every Type of Animal

Dr. Flaminio has always loved exotic animals, especially birds. Her professional interests include avian orthopedic surgery and wound care. She joined the team at DoveLewis because she is driven to help our mission statement of helping animals in need...many times these animals are not necessarily a dog or a cat! She is also passionate about the wildlife native to the Pacific Northwest and is committed to DoveLewis' partnership with the Audubon Portland in providing medical care to injured and orphaned wild animals


  • Miami University – BA in Zoology – 2005
  • Western University of Health Sciences, DVM – 2009