Updates for Referring Veterinary Teams

DoveLewis is open 24/7 and we're ready for your referral. Fill out our new online form for a quick, seamless, and effortless referral. Prefer to call? Dial 971-255-5990 to speak to a veterinarian.

Easily Refer Patients to ER, ICU & Specialty Departments, 24/7. 

Use our new online referral form to refer patients.

 REFEr a patient
Prefer to call?
ER & ICU Referrals: 971-255-5990
Specialty Referrals: 971-255-5995

ER & ICU Referrals

Our new online referral form is here, and it's going to change the game for referring patients to DoveLewis for emergency or specialty care.

Fill out your patient's details, attach patient images and records directly to the form, and that's it. We'll take it from there and get in touch directly with your client.


Refer a Patient