Updates for Referring Veterinary Teams

Our ICU is staffed 24/7. Call 971-255-5990 to refer to the ER & ICU.

ER Client Walk-in Hours: All Days, 8am-11pm
Urgent Care Appointments: All Days, 8am-6pm
Specialty Department Appointments: M-F, 8am-6pm 

Local Clinics Can Refer Patients to ER + ICU 24/7. 


This number is for veterinary teams only. Clients who call this number will be redirected to the appropriate extension. 

ER & ICU Referrals

Call 971-255-5990, a new line dedicated to local veterinary teams, to discuss potential ER + ICU referrals with us. 

The ICU is staffed 24/7 to care for hospitalized patients. Local clinics have the option to refer a patient to us outside of the ER's public walk-in hours by calling 971-255-5990. 

Refer a Patient

FAQs for Veterinary Teams

Can I still refer patients to the ER or ICU?

Yes. We have a new phone line specifically for emergency and ICU referrals. This line bypasses the hospital’s main line, so the wait times will be shorter. This phone line is not for clients.

Are clients guaranteed to be treated if they arrive by closing time?

No. Patients will be triaged upon arrival and our team will discuss their patient’s acuity with them, along with what to expect during their visit. Patients who are low acuity will likely be asked to come back on the next day, contact their referring veterinarian, or book an Urgent Care appointment. If a patient has not been seen by a doctor by 11pm, they will not be seen that day.  Clients will be notified of their acuity score and be given community resources in order to let them make good decisions for their pets.

Have specialty departments changed their hours, too?

No. Special departments are operating with their regular hours.

How can my client sign up for Urgent Care appointments?

Urgent care appointments will be bookable online and with the help of staff in our lobby.

Will there be a line for the ER?

Possibly. It’s likely that people will arrive before the ER begins receiving.

What about overnight emergency cases?

We want to help, but we also need to be realistic and safe. When we have stopped receiving ER patients, our answering service will offer the contact information for the other 24-hour hospitals. This is, of course, deeply sad and traumatizing for our team, and a motivating factor for returning to full service as soon as possible. Local clinics can refer patients to the ER and ICU outside of public walk-in hours by calling 971-255-5990. 

How long will this change last?

We hope to be back to full service in 3-6 months. We are actively recruiting for assistants, technicians, and veterinarians, along with client-facing staff. As you know, hiring in current conditions is incredibly difficult, and filling 24-hours shifts is even more so.

How are we going to appear closed when we still have staff and clients in the building? 

We will move clients out of the lobby and dim the lobby lights. A lit “closed” sign will be on the front of the building, along with signage with a phone call to our third-party, 24/7 answering service that can provide alternative resources.