Jenny Gorman

Jenny Gorman joined DoveLewis in 2014 and practices emergency medicine because she loves the variety of cases and species she gets to treat. Dr. Gorman was working on her Master’s degree in wildlife infectious disease ecology when she realized she wanted to work directly with individual animals as a veterinarian. And in veterinary school, Dr. Gorman discovered that emergency medicine was the place for her.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Gorman outside hiking, kayaking or snowshoeing. She likes to sample Portland’s food scene and play with power tools. Dr. Gorman and her husband are currently training their mini mules to carry packs so they can join them on hikes.

Professional interests:
  • Emergency medicine
  • Wildlife medicine
  • Avian medicine
  • University of California at Davis – Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of California at Davis – Master of Science in Comparative Pathology: Wildlife Infectious Disease Ecology
  • University of California at Davis – Bachelor of Science in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
  • One greater Swiss mountain dog/shar-pei mix – Maverick
  • Three cats – Teddy, Buzz and Vixen
  • Two mini mules – Bartholomule and Ferris Mueller
  • Five hens – Daenerys TargarHen, Oprah Henfrey, Ruth Bader Hensburg, SharHen Stone, and SusHen B. Anthony
  • One rooster – John Hancock
  • One rabbit – Pete


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