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When Harley and her mom were hit by a car while in a crosswalk, donations helped to save Harley's life.

What would you do if both you and your pet were hurt?

Kristin knows firsthand what this is like. She was finishing a walk with her pup, Harley, and was within sight of their home, crossing through a crosswalk with the “walk” sign on.

And then – disaster.

Kristin and her dog were struck by an SUV and dragged under the vehicle.

Kristin was disoriented and injured, lying in the street. When emergency responders asked for her address, she couldn’t remember it. All she could do was point to her house.

And they told her, “Your dog is hurt. Where would you like her to be sent?”

Kristin had no idea.

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The first responders around her suggested DoveLewis. They knew that Harley wouldn’t be turned away – thanks to donations from animal lovers like you.


While Kristin was rushed to a human hospital, Harley’s care was made possible by the Stray Animal & Wildlife Program, sponsored by donations.

Our team spoke with Kristin’s nurse and relayed that Harley had a serious leg injury. She was being kept comfortable until mom could decide the next steps.

Fortunately, Kristin was released from the hospital the same day. She rushed to poor Harley’s side.

Harley’s injuries were severe and her leg would need to be amputated. Her surgery at DoveLewis was a success.

She was back to her happy life in just a few months. "Harley has always been my companion, she’s always able to hear me and comfort me," said Kristin, "I’m so very grateful to everyone who worked with me during her care."

Our pets mean the world to us. They have been our family throughout this difficult time. Your gift today will provide much-needed care for families who rely on services like the Stray & Wildlife program during a crisis.

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DoveLewis’ Stray Animal & Wildlife Program cared for almost 2,000 injured animals (including Harley!) last year thanks to donations. Can you help more pets like Harley?

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DoveLewis is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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