Dove Lewis

“The staff at DoveLewis took wonderful care of my beloved friend, Gizmo. They let me visit him, hold him, tuck him in, and kept me well up to date on his progress and healing from his emergency surgery. I am very thankful and so is Gizmo. Hugs to everyone for taking such wonderful care of him from the start. Thank you all so very much.”
-Lacey Powers

“Thank you for taking such good care of Lyla. Your team was awesome and very caring. Thank you for your service and for being DoveLewis.”
-Michelle McDermott

“DoveLewis literally saved my dog’s life. It says a lot about a place who hires deeply compassionate people. Before my dog’s surgery, I was able to see him. When I walked into the back, I found my dog on the floor, hooked up to machines. He was not alone. A vet tech was lying on the floor with him. I felt better knowing he would not be alone. The simplest gestures say the most! Thank you!”
-Katie Mason

“Thank you DoveLewis :) You took GREAT care of our dog when she needed surgery while we were on vacation. Your staff was great :) Thanks again.”
-Tamara Mosuman

“I live near Woodburn - when asked by my regular veterinarian’s office why I drove all the way to Portland instead of a closer pet ER, I said, “because DoveLewis is the best” and in 1996 (thereabouts) DoveLewis saved the life of our Golden Retriever, Shari, who had been poisoned. I knew our beloved black lab, Sadie, would receive the best care available in the region. Thank you!!”
-Kay E. Peterson

“We love DoveLewis!!!  We have always received the best care there. DoveLewis saved our dog’s life several years ago. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, we had to put her down there as well. They were so compassionate with us. The best part is the state of the art equipment to give people thorough and complete information.”
-Janice & Bruce Tracewell

“Very impressed with the compassion and quality care. World class pet care!”
-Rick Miller

“I wanted to express my gratitude to the staff at DoveLewis. It takes a very special person to be skilled, compassionate, and willing to work those late hours. Dealing with animals in trauma, people grieving, and maintaining a running business is not by any means easy. As a former vet tech, myself, I can appreciate what they go through and how valuable the entire staff is. I was very impressed by their professionalism and kindness. Thank you.”

“Excellent facility- excellent staff from the reception to triage to Dr. Doolan. Their compassion, their ability to remain calm yet still convey the urgency of the situation is very well-appreciated and noted! Yesterday’s visit is very much the reason why I donate to DoveLewis and will continue to do so. Sincere thanks to the entire staff!”
-Diane Y. Hwang

“I want to thank all the staff for being so compassionate to my cat, Mr. Lucky, and my family. DoveLewis is a great place for all animals, and I would not have wanted Mr. Lucky to cross the gates of heaven any other way.”
-Vennessa Fodor

“The entire DoveLewis staff was more than amazing. While our hearts were breaking, each of you were kind, generous, and respectful. Everyone answered our questions (often the same ones over and over) with patience. As we look back, we know that Dr. Herold gave us as much information as we could process along the way. While not pushing a decision you helped us feel confident we were making the right decision for Ripley. We are ever so grateful.”
-Michelle Clay & Chell Hammer

“The skill and compassion of your veterinarians and staff is unparalleled. Thank you.”
-Robert & Roje Gootee

“It is always nice to know that such a state of the art facility is available to us 24/7!”
-Lee Jorgensen