Navigating Our Relationships With Clients

Navigating Our Relationships With Clients


Taking the time to understand your relationships with clients. Whether they are a long-term client or a new client in crisis, these meetings explore how to better understand provider-client communications and our experiences with each other. Using the Balint method, we are given a forum to reflect on the provider-client-patient relationship and gain new perceptions of our relationship with clients during difficult or demanding situations.

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All veterinary professionals with a client relationship are welcome.

What does a provider-client-patient relationship look like?

  • A general practitioner caring for their long-term client and patient
  • A specialist consulting with a client about their pet
  • A client service representative that interacts with a client regularly regarding their pet's care
  • An emergency technician that communicates with a client regarding their pet in crisis
  • A shelter technician handling a surrender from a client

Joining this group begins the process to recognize:

  • That we are not alone in having difficult interactions with clients and patients 
  • Develop increased understanding and empathy for clients and patients
  • Explore how feelings and thoughts affect the veterinary professional-client-patient relationship
  • Become more aware and accepting of our conscious and unconscious responses to the patient and client
  • Expand our capacity for handling challenging situations with clients

Upcoming Meetings

February 9

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What is Balint? 


A Balint group is a group of veterinary professionals who meet regularly to present cases in order to improve and to better understand the clinician-client-patient relationship. During these facilitated discussions, the group members uncover different and new perceptions about the client's and clinician’s feelings and their experiences with each other.

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Up to 6 hours of accredited non-scientific CE in Oregon

Led by DoveLewis' Chief Medical Officer Shana O'Marra, DVM, DACVECC and DoveLewis Veterinary Well-being Director Debrah Lee, LCSW