Unconditional Aid for All Pets

In addition to expanding clinical services, DoveLewis aims to increase our ability to care for the most vulnerable pets in our community.

We envision a world where every animal gets the care they deserve. But sadly, not every person can afford access to care when their pet is hurt. That is why we are striving to raise $2 million to create an endowment for one of our most beloved programs – the Velvet Assistance Fund for low-income pet owners.

An endowment is a permanent fund where the assets are invested to provide earnings in perpetuity. Each year, any remaining income beyond the annual spending distribution and the endowment management fee, is re-invested to grow the original gift for future generations.

how and endowment works

An endowment will:

  • Allow us to increase the number of pets and people served from a low-income background
  • Provide a stable and consistent source of funding

DoveLewis anticipates that a $2 million investment in the Velvet Assistance Fund Endowment will help cover the cost of compassionate care for over 250 pets per year. As funds are reinvested that number will continue to grow.

You Can Help

Support the Velvet Assistance Fund Endowment with a gift through your estate.

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Any sized gift makes will make an impact on our next patient.

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Velvet Assistance Fund

Who is Velvet and how can I help? The Velvet Assistance Fund was named after Velvet, a dog who was stranded with her companions after falling off a ledge during a climbing trip on Mt. Hood.

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Meet Animals We've Helped Thanks to Animal Lovers Like You

Meet Yuki

Yuki financial Assistance

Yuki, an avid explorer, loves neighborhood walks. While checking out some new smells foxtails accidentally made their way up her nose and she immediately began sneezing. Yuki's mom hurried her to DoveLewis, worried about the cost of emergency care. Thanks to the Velvet Assistance Fund, Yuki received the essential care she needed.

Meet Milo

milo financial assistance

During their evening routine, Milo's family was disrupted by a sudden dispute between their cat, Milo, and dog, Growler. Investigating, they found Milo with a deep wound in his throat from a bite. Rushing to DoveLewis for help, Milo's family, feared they couldn't afford his exam. Milo and his family received vital assistance from the Velvet Assistance Fund, all thanks to the generosity of animal lovers like you.

Meet Iona

Iona financial assistance

Iona was struggling with a broken dew claw that refused to heal properly, despite her mom's diligent efforts to keep it clean. She knew her best friend needed help, so she brought Iona to DoveLewis. Iona's mom worried she wouldn't be able to afford the Iona needed. Fortunately, with the support of the Velvet Assistance Fund, Iona was able to see a veterinarian and made a full recovery.

Make a Gift Through Your Estate

Ask the development team how you can support the Velvet Assistance Fund Endowment with a gift through your estate. Email us at Development@dovelewis.org to learn more.