Thy Nguyen

Thy Nguyen is the Development Officer at DoveLewis.  She joined DoveLewis in 2024.

When the weather permits, Thy likes to spend her free time exploring all the scenic outdoors that the PNW has to offer. She is also passionate about music and loves to attend concerts and festivals. On rainy days Thy likes to take time to find inspiration at Portland's art museums or the latest exhibits at OMSI.

Why DoveLewis? 

"The love and compassion for animals is something everyone at DoveLewis shares and it pulls you in. It's heart-warming to be a part of an organization that actively makes a difference in the lives of animals and families who care for them."

A memorable moment with Millie

"The story of Millie the dog, a VAF recipient, touched my heart when I learned about it. Millie helped her owner through the grief of the passing of her husband. When she was attacked at the park, she was rushed to DoveLewis and required emergency surgery. Her mom who was living on social security was emotional at the thought of losing Millie, after all, Millie was one of the few family members she had left. It made me realize that the standout thing about DoveLewis to other animal emergency hospitals is the compassion and level of care for animals and their owners."

Professional Interests
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Psychology - Western Washington University
  • One Black Cat -  Missy
  • One American Short Hair - Boba