Tess Payne

Tess Payne is the Director of Community Engagement at DoveLewis. She began working at DoveLewis in 2017. Tess enjoys working at DoveLewis because she likes being able to give back to animals since they give so much to us with their love and energy.

Outside of work, Tess likes to train and play with her dog, Ned, shop for plants, and go running.

A DoveLewis story

“I was a client well before I was an employee. As my previous dog, Einstein, aged, he struggled with seizures. After one particularly bad one, he was struggling to walk, so I called DoveLewis for help. The CSR stayed on the phone with me, helping me assess Einstein’s state and my options to get there. My dog was looking to me, and I looked to DoveLewis. I consider it a privilege to support the teams who help people every day, just like they helped me."

Professional Interests
  • Professional communication
  • Brand management
  • Loyola University Chicago – English B.A., and Spanish B.A.
  • One Havanese dog - Ned