Megan Urton

With a background in wildlife biology and emergency response, Megan Urton brings many valuable skills to her role at DoveLewis.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology, and she has 12 years of emergency response experience as a volunteer first responder. Today, as the manager of our technician assistants, she is responsible for hiring, scheduling and training her team.

Megan has a special interest in creating a stress-free treatment environment for the patients and her team. This includes training her staff in the techniques of appropriate restraint and emphasizing the safety of all parties. 


A rewarding work experience

"I enjoy being a part of an efficient team dedicated to the health and well-being of animals."


  • Two Beaucerons - Balder and Aegis (both Superhero blood donors!)
  • One domestic shorthair tabby - Ivar