Lindsey McGuire

From a very young age, Lindsey McGuire knew that she wanted to help and work with animals. As she grew up and learned more about veterinary health care, she fell in love with the science and medicine aspect as well. In 2016, Lindsey McGuire joined the DoveLewis staff, where she was excited to work for an organization that would allow her to give back to the community. She was especially excited to have the opportunity to help injured stray animals and wildlife get the care they need and deserve. Dr. McGuire has also embraced the teaching mission of DoveLewis, as she enjoys sharing knowledge with newer staff and learning from experienced doctors and specialists. 

Caring for the humans who love their pets

"I am very interested in improving the client experience and in building relationships with the clients I have, even in the short period of time I know most of them." 

Professional interests include: 
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Polytrauma
  • Fluid therapy
  • A shepherd mix - Karma