Keleigh Collinsworth

Keleigh completed a two-week externship at DoveLewis during her final year of veterinary school. She says she was profoundly inspired by the remarkable teamwork and collaborative approach exhibited by the entire team in delivering exceptional care to each patient. Her experience at DoveLewis left such a lasting impression that she decided to relocate across the country to join this extraordinary group of professionals for her internship. Keleigh greatly appreciates DoveLewis' unwavering commitment to cultivating a learning-oriented environment that fosters continuous growth and development among its staff members at all levels. She is also deeply drawn to the organization's nonprofit status, which enables them to offer an array of invaluable resources to both animals and pet owners within the Portland community.

Professional interests:
  • Shock & Spesis
  • Polytraumas
  • Toxicology
  • Transfusion Medicine
  • Point of Care Ultrasound Techniques in an ER/ ICU Setting 
  • Emergency Surgery
  • Texas A&M University  – Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
  • Texas Tech – Bachelor of Science in Companion Animal Science & Nutrition
  • Texas A&M University - Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Sociology