Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Service of Remembrance

First Presbyterian Church
1200 SW Alder St, Portland, OR
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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Service of Remembrance

Presented by DoveLewis

Sunday, August 28 | 4:00-5:00 PM | Free Event

First Presbyterian Church | 1200 SW Alder St, Portland, OR


Join us for a special memorial service and ceremony to honor the memory of your beloved animal companions. The undeniable impact that animals have on our lives is everlasting, and the Service of Remembrance pays tribute to that deep connection. Enjoy words of comfort from DoveLewis staff, a personal message from a fellow pet owner, and live music.

This year, our service will be held on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, which is a day founded to remember our companions that have passed and celebrate the lives that they lived. This service will be in-person.

Masks are welcome but not required.

Registration is not required, but we welcome it to help us anticipate who may be joining us.

Pets welcome in spirit only

This service is non-denominational and is open to any and all who wish to attend.

Upcoming Events

Memorial Art Workshop

One of the best ways to navigate your grief when you lose a pet is by memorializing them through art. Research shows that art and healing come from the same source. In fact, it is now known that when a person is creating art or is healing, this person will emit the same brain wave patterns. Art and healing are so powerful that hospitals are incorporating art into patient care.

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