Stray Animal & Wildlife Care

Dove Lewis
Hundreds of injured strays, lost pets and hurt wild animals come to DoveLewis from county shelters, Good Samaritan citizens, police officers, and firefighters each year. We also regularly care for injured wildlife when the Audubon Society is closed in the evening. DoveLewis never turns an injured stray animal away.
We try to find every injured stray’s owner by taking a snapshot of the animal and posting it on our Lost & Found Pet Database on,, and county websites. We scan for microchips and make efficient attempts to contact an owner.

Stray Animal Program Goals

  1. Stabilize all stray animals unless we are unable to alleviate suffering, the animal requires extensive immediate emergency surgery, or the animal has obvious end stage disease with no likely owner contact.
  2. Work with county organizations, Cat Adoption Team (C.A.T.), and the Oregon Humane Society (OHS).
  3. The Stray Animal and Wildlife Care Fund is a donor-supported community program. It is not uncommon for the cost of emergency treatment for lost, stray, and wild animals to rise above $200,000 every year. DoveLewis works with all county shelters and complies with their protocols regarding stray animals. We receive minimal reimbursement for emergency stray care from the surrounding counties animal control agencies.

Objectives of the Program

  1. Prevent unnecessary suffering of all stray animals and wildlife which may include:
    • medical stabilization
    • minor surgical intervention
    • administering euthanasia when necessary
  2. Expedite the return of medically stable companion animals to the appropriate county facility for reunification with owner, possible adoption, or ongoing medical or surgical management.
  3. Special circumstances may occasionally result in an animal being transferred to C.A.T. or OHS.
  4. Expedite the transfer of stable native wildlife to Audubon for ongoing or definitive medical and surgical care.
  5. Continue and improve relations with counties, C.A.T., and OHS.
  6. Keep the DoveLewis Lost and Found website current for strays presented to DoveLewis.

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