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An atypical strain of canine respiratory disease has been circulating among our dogs. Be informed about the symptoms, potential risks, and the available resources you have at your disposal.

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What Should You Do if You Find a Wild Animal?

As we approach the warmer summer months, DoveLewis sees an increase in wildlife cases. Thanks to our donor-funded Stray Animal & Wildlife Program, we are able to cover the cost of providing emergency care for thousands of wildlife each year.

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What is an Animal Dermatologist?

PLEASE NOTE: As of June 30th, 2023, our dermatology service has closed. We are very sad to be losing Dr. Zabel’s talents within our hospital but are grateful that she is staying in the Portland Metro area.

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Retention and Engagement for Veterinary Technicians

Nobody said this job would be easy.  There isn’t a veterinary technician in the world that started their career thinking that this job would be easy on their backs or even easy on their hearts.  However, occupational stress and burnout are reaching new heig

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