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An atypical strain of canine respiratory disease has been circulating among our dogs. Be informed about the symptoms, potential risks, and the available resources you have at your disposal.

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Tips to Protect Your Pet This Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble. Our furry friends would also love to partake in the feast and gobble up some food, but food-related injuries and illnesses are the main cause of pet emergencies over this holiday weekend. Learn what is most harmful and the best way to keep your pets healthy.

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Prep Your Best Friends for Your Autumn Adventures

As temperatures change and nature transforms, it's important to ensure the safety and comfort of your four-legged companions. Check out our list of autumn pet safety tips to keep tails wagging and whiskers twitching during the changing season.

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Fright night might be fun for humans, but it can be frightfully scary—and even dangerous—for pets. Veterinarians at DoveLewis want to remind pet owners to be mindful of the various ways Halloween can pose a threat to animals.

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My Pet Ate Something Toxic... Now What?

Many human foods are toxic to animals and can pose severe health risks if ingested. Let’s walk through some common foods that your furry friends should avoid and learn what to do if they accidentally indulge in something they can’t have.

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Is My Cat Sick? A Guide for Cat Owners

As loving pet owners, it's important for us to be attuned to our cat's well-being. Cats, known for their independence, can be masters at hiding when they're sick. However, they do exhibit subtle signs that can indicate something may not be quite right.

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