Saved by Superheroes

animal blood bankPoppy: A Pup Full of Life

Superheroes: Kipo

While enjoying her normal Friday walk, Poppy was attacked by a stray dog near a busy road. Poppy's mom did her best to try to separate the two dogs from each other but during the struggle with the other dog, Poppy managed to wiggle out of her collar. The two dogs had made it into the street. Both pups were hit by a car that was trying to stop but just not soon enough. ⁣

Poppy's mom rushed Poppy to a nearby veterinary clinic where they immediately began CPR and life-saving measures. Once Poppy was stabilized, she was rushed to DoveLewis where she was able to receive the care she needed to recover. Poppy received a blood transfusion and an autotransfusion. Her lifesaving donation came from our Blood Bank Superhero Kipo! Poppy was able to return home with her family just 24 hours after being hit. "If it wasn't for the amazing staff at both locations, I don't think Poppy would still be here. I think because Poppy was so athletic, stubborn, and full of energy is why she's here." - Poppy's Dad⁣⁣

cat blood bankNorma Jean: A True Fighter

Superheroes: Impurrator Furryosa and Willow

Norma Jean, a 1-year-old Lynx Point Siamese, was surrendered to Hazel's House Rescue. Concerned about her health, Norma Jean was immediately taken to Guardian Vet Care. Over the following week, Norma Jean was closely monitored however, she hadn't eaten her food and appeared to be lethargic. With their regular vet closed, the rescue took her to a backup vet, where she was hospitalized for a few days. She was diagnosed with pyometra, a serious uterine infection. That night, she underwent surgery and was released back to the rescue. Unfortunately, overnight her condition deteriorated, and she was rushed to Guardian Vet Care in the morning. The staff worked quickly to stabilize her, but her temperature was too low to read, and she lacked blood pressure, making it challenging to place a catheter for IV treatments. Tests and treatments revealed that Norma Jean had critically low red blood cells and was septic from the pyometra, in addition to having a gastrointestinal (GI) bleed. It was clear that she needed a blood transfusion urgently.

Although four cats were available as potential donors, it was discovered that Norma Jean had type B blood, which is rare, and can only receive B-type blood for a transfusion. The rescue reached out to several places and was fortunate that DoveLewis had a bag of B-type blood available. During the hour-long round trip to DoveLewis, Norma Jean's condition worsened. She experienced cardiac arrest twice on the operating table and had another close call, but thanks to the expertise and quick response of the veterinary staff, she was revived each time. Following the blood transfusion, Norma Jean gradually showed signs of improvement. By the next day, she was alert, vocalizing, and even ate for the first time in six days! Due to her severely low red blood cell count, another blood transfusion was required. So once again, DoveLewis provided the necessary blood, and Norma Jean received a second transfusion while exploring the clinic.

On Friday, her condition continued to improve. She regained her appetite, started walking, used the litter box, and showed affection. While Norma Jean's prognosis remains guarded, she now has a chance at survival, thanks to the DoveLewis Blood Bank and their superheroes. Their support and the availability of blood products made it possible to save her life. Norma Jean continues to fight her way back to health, and although the road ahead is challenging, the dedication and assistance she has received give hope for her recovery!

Dog blood transfusion


Wren: Superheroes Saved My Life!

Superheroes: Chloe, Kashi, Venice, and Yara




dog receiving blood One-year-old Wheaten Terrier, Wren, went from being a healthy dog to lethargic and uncomfortable in the span of a few days. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Wren got really sick and was taken to a local clinic where they quickly realized something was seriously wrong after some blood tests. Wren was brought to DoveLewis where she was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). IMHA is an autoimmune disease in dogs in which the body attacks its own red blood cells, leading to very low red blood cell counts that require multiple blood transfusions. 

Wren has received 8 units of canine blood from blood donor superheroes, Chloe, Kashi, Venice, and Yara, and her disease is stabilizing. Without our canine blood donors, Wren wouldn’t still be here. Thank you to our superheroes for supporting Wren’s care.

Blood Bank RecipientBeannie: A Little Dog with Big Dog Blood

Superheroes: Tank, Grimm, Parker Blu, Ernie, Moose


Since she has gotten home, she spent about 5 days on the couch and has finally started following me around the house again. She is my shadow so if I am up, she is up following me around. Now that she is feeling much better she is also enjoying short walks as her energy levels are still a bit low but she is getting there. 

She loves to chew on soft items shaped like bones. She loves her bones but she is running out of teeth, so she gets soft “bones” now. This way she doesn’t feel left out when the other two are chewing on their bones. 

She is very cheeky and likes to snort around and fluff her bed multiple times a day. She also loves to stick her head out of the car window but you have to be going 25mph or less, as she is particular about her wind speed. 

That is crazy! She is now a little dog with big dog blood. That explains her appetite since she has gotten home.  

Kooper: Wiggling, Adventurous and Joyful

Superheroes: Prim and Jackson

blood donor recipient

We brought this tiny puff ball home on Christmas Eve 2007, named him Kooper after our favorite dog-friendly restaurant, and instantly fell in love. Kooper has filled our lives with so much love and laughter and for 11 years and 8 months he was very healthy. When we brought him to DoveLewis late on a Saturday night in July we expected his first trip to the emergency vet would result in an IV for dehydration and then we would all go home together. We never imagined that we would be leaving him for a 4 day stay in the ICU for numerous tests, oodles of medications, seemingly endless difficult decisions, and several blood transfusions. The team at Dove Lewis have been remarkable in their care but their efforts would not have been enough without the selfless gift you and your dog have given us. 

Without human children of our own, Kooper & Piper are our family and we simply can not find the words to thank you for your part in giving us more time with our sweet boy. Kooper is very smart and never ceases to amaze us with his antics. He has lots of jobs around the house including opening cardboard boxes, sleeping at my feet while I work from home, shredding paper towel tubes, guarding his 4 lb Papillon sister when she goes outside at night, playing basketball, comforting his dad when he has a migraine, and enthusiastically greeting everyone that he meets. Without a tail, Kooper resorts to a exuberant wiggle waggle to express his constant joy about everything in life. He is always up for an adventure and has road tripped with us from Portland to Michigan, stopping at every state line for a photo, but also loves to snuggle on the couch with the "baby" he has had since he was a puppy. This photo of him running on the beach was taken May 12, 2020; without your gift, our family would not have had this happy time together amidst a worldwide pandemic. Thank you, thank you, for the gift of more time with our beloved Kooper. We have vowed that our next dog will be at least 40 pounds so that we can participate in the DoveLewis blood bank and pay forward your exceptional gift. 

Lilly: Happy and Healthy Thanks to Blood Donors

Superhero: Gia

blood donor

Lilly is doing great - she has never been as healthy as she is now.  It is a direct result of the care she received at DoveLewis.  After three years of bouncing around to different specialists - and five surgeries - Lilly is finally getting a chance to be a happy and healthy dog.  

Milo: A Model Dog

Superhero: Onyx

blood donor recipient

Milo is doing great and following up with Dr Davis.  We own the business RecumbentPDX on SE Hawthorne and Milo is an excellent shop dog, he greets customers, gives snuggles, and serves as a spokesmodel. 

Zoe: Beating the Odds

Superhero: Puddles

Blood Donor Recipient

This is Zoe she is a one year old Havanese. Zoe became really sick and didn’t even want to move until we took her to the vet. They told us after blood work that Zoe was very sick and needed blood transfusions at Dove Lewis ASAP we rushed her an hour away to Portland, OR. We were than told Zoe was very sick and her platelets were at 0. She had a 30% chance of surviving. Because of Covid 19 we were not allowed to visit or see her after the nurses came out and got it. After 4 long nights and 2 blood transfusions from her donor Puddles she was able to leave the hospital and come home. She is doing great and we can’t be more thankful for Puddles and all the staff at DoveLewis who saved our baby!! Thank you so much.


Tess Payne