Pet Microchips: Update Before It’s Too Late

We see our fair share of stray pets with outdated microchips, making it hard to reunite the pets with their owners. Don’t let this misfortune befall your furry friend! Update your pet’s chip every time you move or change your contact info. It’s an easy process, and here’s how to go about it:  

If you know the microchip manufacturer and ID number:

  • Call the phone number on the activation card you received when the chip was implanted. Tell them the chip ID number and your new contact information.
  • Or update online by going to the chip manufacturer’s website.

If you only know the microchip ID number:

If you don’t have any info on the microchip:

  • Contact the veterinarian where the chip was implanted. They should have a record of the procedure that includes the microchip ID number.
  • Or take your pet to a local vet clinic or animal shelter to have the chip scanned. They will be able to retrieve the ID number if there are no records available.

Keep in mind that collars and tags can get lost if your pet goes missing. Having an updated microchip is a secure, permanent way for your pet to be identified should they ever stray from home.

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