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Pet Loss Support Program Founder & Director to Retire


Enid Traisman, the founder and director of the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program, is retiring December 31. So January 1, 2020, will be the first day since 1986 that we have not been blessed to have Enid involved with DoveLewis or our pet loss program. Enid is a true pioneer in the field of pet bereavement and counseling. To say we will miss her is a huge understatement.

I have worked closely with Enid for more than 16 of her 33 plus years at Dove. Enid and I have shared so many wonderful conversations in our regular meetings. We spent a lot of time discussing the pet loss program but I think we spent at least as much time talking about our children and what was going on with family. We shared so many great stories. I will miss those.

The concept of having structured pet loss support programs – or any type of formal training for social work for bereavement of pets – is still quite new to the veterinary industry. Further, the idea of developing resources for veterinary staff related to stress and compassion fatigue is very new – but something we’ve been working on for many years.

Our community at large as well as our local veterinary community has benefited from Enid’s vision and compassion for more than three decades. And her footprint and vision for pet loss and staff compassion fatigue will continue to help people for years to come.

We are forever grateful for Enid’s friendship to DoveLewis, our staff, and the community we mutually serve. I know this retirement is not a final goodbye but merely a transition into a different relationship we will have with Enid. Thank you, Enid, for being such a part of Dove’s history and fabric. You have touched countless lives and please know a community of people will always cherish your work. 


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