February is "Mend a Broken Heart" Month

February is “Mend a Broken Heart” month.

Lighting a candle in honor of those who have passed is a centuries old tradition that allows us to express what we cannot communicate with words. Lighting a candle for our loved ones is a meaningful act. It helps us to remember and honor their life and their memory. For many, candles can be reflections of our emotional self. A memorial candle can be symbolic of the spirit of a loved one, bringing darkness into light and bringing light to our wishes and hopes. The finished memorial candle looks beautiful in your home - whether that’s a table, an altar or a mantle.

The photo shows a few candles that were created on during our community memorial art therapy session. Each candle is unique and beautifully reflects the beloved pet being honored.

The tactile, physical act of choosing specific colors, photos and mementos to adorn the candle in honor of a beloved pet is soothing and comforting. This process of capturing the essence and bond we shared with our beloved pet helps illuminate and mend our hearts, even under the burden of grief. It is amazing to simultaneously express our sadness and love all the while creating a concrete object to be touched and admired.

Here are easy instructions so that you can do this project at home.

Supply List:

(All items available at your local craft store, Dollar Tree and/or supermarket.)

  • A glass cylinder/prayer candle
  • Colored tissue paper, choose favorite colors/designs
  • Photocopy of several favorite photos (original photo paper is too thick)
  • Stickers, meaningful pictures and words
  • Ribbon to tie around the top of the candle
  • Mod Podge and brush to glue, coat and permanently seal all layers of the design

Arrange all your supplies and you are ready to begin. The main rule of thumb to remember is to use plenty of Mod Podge under and over every piece of tissue paper, photos, and stickers you use in your design. Use layers to add depth to your design. The Mod Podge will go on white, but it always dries crystal clear. This project is great for people of all ages.

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