No Animal Should Have to Suffer in Pain

Animals at DoveLewis need your help. A beloved companion just like Lady Bug who was in a car accident and then ran from the car only to be hit by another.

Imagine driving home after enjoying a weekend away with your pet and the unthinkable happens. You are hit by a car.

This is exactly what happened to Katie and her dog, Lady Bug.

Katie and Lady Bug were heading back after a wonderful weekend in Hood River. The light turned green and as they passed through an intersection – BANG!

They were struck from the side and their Subaru was flipped upside down.

A few moments later, a good Samaritan rushed to Katie’s vehicle and opened the door to help.

Terrified and in shock, Lady Bug bolted down an I-5 on-ramp and was struck by a car­­. Her second accident within minutes.

Animals Like Lady Bug Need Your Help

Katie’s injuries weren’t serious, but then the fear set in: "Where was Lady Bug? Is Lady Bug even still alive?"

Thankfully, a kind motorist saw what happened to Lady Bug and knew to go to DoveLewis. Lady Bug was immediately seen by a doctor while support staff quickly contacted family members to let them know she was found.

“When I went back to see LadyBug, the doctor told me she was seriously injured and asked for permission to save her life. As I hugged LadyBug and listened to the treatment plan, I became hopeful,” shared Katie.

Lady Bug’s injuries were extensive. She experienced significant trauma to her internal organs requiring a blood transfusion and a chest tube. Her face was lacerated, and she even injured her tongue.

Lady Bug spent 4 scary days in the Intensive Care Unit. She was resilient through it all. By day two, she was standing and wagging her tail. By day four, she was ready to go home.

Lady Bug knew she wasn't alone throughout her care. Our compassionate staff was there fighting for her.

And so was a community of animal lovers whose support provides critical care to animals when they need us most.


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