Next Level: FAQs

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What is the DoveLewis Next Level Campaign?

DoveLewis is engaged in a campaign to renovate our hospital. This project will add 8,500 square feet of clinical space, transforming the second floor of our facility with the addition of six new exam rooms, two new animal wards, an additional surgery suite, and lobby space redesigned to streamline emergency vs. specialty visits in order to reduce stress levels for patients and families alike and increase our workflow efficiency.

  • Business and program staff relocated in August 2018 to office space 5 minutes from the hospital.
  • Construction began in the hospital in November 2018.
  • The renovated second floor became operational on June 24, 2019.

Why Now?

The number of pets – and patients- in our DoveLewis community has increased exponentially. Over the last three years, we have experienced a staggering 27% increase in patients. We are simply out of room to meet the growing need for our advanced care services. The renovation will add much-needed capacity for ER, ICU and specialty care visits, and set DoveLewis up for long-term success in a competitive industry.


How Much Will it Cost?

Our project budget is $3.5 million. This includes architecture designs, engineering, actual building costs, medical equipment, all furniture and fixtures, etc.


When Will The Renovation Be Complete?

The renovation is currently on track to be completed August 2019.


How are you funding this project?

We are making every effort to fund this project completely by philanthropy. Anything not funded by philanthropy will be financed; NOT pulled from our operating/program budget. We are seeking to inspire as many donations as possible to avoid taking on debt, and ensure DoveLewis’ long-term financial strength.


How Does the Renovation Affect Business While Construction is Underway?

We are making every effort to minimize the impact of the construction. We are starting with renovations on the second floor so that the additional spaces can be used when construction starts on the first floor.

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