Marley's Story

Marley (above) was found lost and alone weighing only 20 pounds when she was brought in to DoveLewis. Animal lovers like you helped Marley survive.


Marley stumbled into an open garage at a home in Gresham and collapsed. Her body had just given out and she didn't get back up.

County animal services immediately rushed her to DoveLewis.

In DoveLewis’ Intensive Care Unit, we confirmed what the animal officers had feared: Marley was very close to death. She was starving, suffering from a painful eye injury, a leg wound, and an upset stomach.

She weighed just 20 pounds.



Marley stayed at DoveLewis for four nights, receiving 24-hour care. She was so emaciated that doctors feared that her organs would fail or she would die if she ate too much too fast.

You can imagine the love she started to feel when kind humans came to sit with her in her kennel. Gentle hands rubbed her exhausted, bony back while she tried to keep her eyes open. Soft voices soothed her.  

Unfortunately, pets like Marley are rushed to DoveLewis all too often. And donations make it possible to care for animals when they’re brought to us injured or ill with no family.


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Eventually, Marley could eat full meals. She could sit up and watch as dogs and cats passed by her kennel. Then she could stand up and turn around. Walks became less painful.

When she had regained her strength, Marley was moved to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter to find her forever home.


On her first day at the shelter, Marley met Zoe.

Zoe said, “I couldn’t stop thinking about Marley. There was just something about her. I knew she would fit in well with the pack.”

Marley was so excited to lie in her new soft bed. She learned how to play with toys, and she regained her strength to go on hikes with her new family.

Marley 2


Zoe now reports that Marley is a goofball. She has tons of doggie playmates, and has gained all her weight. She’s 45 pounds now after weighing just 20 pounds when she was first admitted to DoveLewis.

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The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to cancel our biggest fundraiser this spring. We need your help now more than ever to care for animals like Marley. 

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