Leadership Gift Naming Opportunities

Join us and make a lasting impact. If you are interested in learning more about any of these naming opportunities please contact Lauren Cox at 971-255-5912. Multi-year pledges are welcome and payable through 2022

Become a Leader for Animals

Second Floor Lobby - $1M

This space will dramatically change the experience for our specialty appointment clients and blood bank volunteers by reducing stress.

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Intensive Care Unit - $500K

With oxygen chambers, special pods for non-ambulatory patients, and telemetry monitors, this space is designed to provide the best care for recovery and extra monitoring.

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Comfort Room - $250K

One of the most sacred spaces in the hospital, the addition of another comfort room means less likelihood that families will have to wait to say goodbye to their animal companion.

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Cardiology - $250K

Your gift will help triple the working area for cardiology, increasing our capacity to treat more patients with critical heart problems.

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Internal Medicine - $250K

The new space on the second floor will approximately triple the working area for internal medicine allowing the doctor to operate at our highest capacity treating more specialty patients than ever before.

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Surgery Suite - $100K

An additional surgery suite will be equipped to handle mostly soft tissue surgeries and will allow the surgical team to perform surgeries without a sterilization delay.

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Echocardiogram Room - $100K

The echocardiogram is a noninvasive procedure used to evaluate the internal organs, particularly the heart. A unique space for this procedure will allow us to get the best results from diagnostics.

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X-Ray Room (2) - $100K

The additional x-ray suite will cut down on imaging wait times for our specialists and serve as a secondary option for emergency room procedures.

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Surgery Treatment Room - $100K

This new, dedicated space for rechecks, bandage changes and surgical consults will be large enough to treat more than one patient at a time and provide allow us to increase the future surgical staffing.

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Laboratory - $100K

A second lab will help reduce wait times and crowding so that ER/ICU and specialty staff has their own designated work area.

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Exam Room (6) - $50K

Six new exam rooms will create dedicated space for treatments and discussions between clients and specialists, and allow us to devote the first floor exam rooms to emergency clients.

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Training Room - $50K

The new training room located on the second floor will be a flexible space for hospital staff to work on employee and hospital development.

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Flex Treatment Room - $25K

This treatment and charting room on the second floor will be a flexible space that can be used for overflow of specialty clients and will be occupied by an additional specialist in the future.

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