Found white cat

Domesitc Shorthair
4 - 6 years old
Found On

Please call DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Animal Hospital at 503-228-7281 for more information and use the tracking number above to reference this pet. Do not reply by e-mail, please call 503-228-7281 for more information.

Found Near
W Burnside and NW Burnside (McDonald's Parking Lot)

Is my pet safe at DoveLewis?

DoveLewis never turns away injured or ill stray animals, thanks to the generous donors of our Stray Animal & Wildlife Program. When a good Samaritan or first responder brings an injured or ill stray animal to DoveLewis, our hospital staff takes several steps to treat the animal and find its owner.

  1. Stray animals are immediately scanned for microchips. The owners are contacted if their information is available. If the microchip information is not updated, the staff uses online resources, as well as social media, to track down the owner if possible.
  2. Every stray receives a thorough exam and stabilizing treatment.
  3. Pets are then transported to a county shelter, usually within 24 hours, if their owners have not been located. If a pet's injuries are more severe, the animal will remain at DoveLewis until he or she is well enough to be transferred to a the shelter's care.

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Please call DoveLewis Emergency and Speciality Animal Hospital for more information and use the tracking number below to reference this pet.

DoveLewis Tracking #: MGD6533
(503) 228-7281

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Learn about microchipsProtect your pets!

Learn more about microchips and how to protect your pet in the future.

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