Stray & Lost Animal Program

Caring for animals is a joint effort, and we rely on county animal services, local shelters, and good Samaritans like you to help. We take in as many sick and injured animals as we can—over one thousand every year.

About the Stray & Lost Animal Program

Our goal is to be a safe-haven and advocate for sick or injured lost pets and stray companion animals. We treat nearly one thousand lost and stray animals each year in need of stabilizing care and pain relief.

Resources for stray and lost animals in the area have reduced significantly, and the number of animals being cared for at DoveLewis has doubled this year alone. The cost of emergency treatment for lost and stray, will be over $350,000 this year. We rely on generous donors to ensure that we can help stray animals needing emergency care.

Help Animals With No One Else

Good Samaritans can reunite lost pets with their owners!

If you find a lost animal, take steps to reunite it with an owner.

  1. Local veterinary clinics can help you check for a microchip which can contain the owner’s contact information.
  2. Post found pet signs and canvas the area where you found the animal. Most stray animals are found within a small radius of their home.
  3. Search for the animal’s owner using Craigslist and You can also post the found pet on Nextdoor, Facebook Lost Pet groups, Petco Love Lost, PawBoost, and your own social media channels.
  4. Contact your county animal services, local shelters, and foster organizations to help rehome the animal.

If you find an animal in Clark County: 

Clark County GS can contact the Humane Society for SW Washington. When they are closed, Clark County has an agreement with Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center in Vancouver to receive strays animals. 

  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • 815 SE 160th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98683
  • Phone: (360) 635-5302

If a Good Samaritan cannot transport or catch an animal in need of help they can call 311 in Vancouver to start the process for officer dispatch to pick up the animal.

Clark County: Options for Found Pets

Pets found in our community usually have a worried family looking for them! If you find a pet in your neighborhood, it's your responsibility to notify Animal Control and the Humane Society for Southwest Washington (HSSW) so we can help locate its family.

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Wildlife Program

With generous donations from local animal lovers, DoveLewis’ team stabilizes the animals and the Bird Alliance of Oregon supports their recovery and release

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