The Charlie Fund

We regret that the need for this fund exists at all, but we are proud to help. At DoveLewis, animals can receive the care and protection they need. See how we help keep animals safe.

Who is Charlie and how can I help?

Charlie is named for a cat who suffered a brutal attack at the hands of his neighbors. Our fund is named to honor his perseverance and our team’s commitment to helping abused animals receive the care and protection they so desperately need. We regret that the Charlie Fund must exist at all, of course, but we’re grateful that when abused animals do come through our doors, our teams have the resources to cover treatment costs. Like the animals it serves, the Charlie Fund relies on donors to survive.


What happens when an abused animal comes in?

We give all of our patients the same level of care, but our teams are trained to recognize signs of abuse. Once recognized, the animal receives the medical care that it needs at no cost and we cooperate with law enforcement to make sure the animal lives a healthy, happy life.

You Can Help

Even the smallest donation can make a difference to injured or ill animals. 

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