Virtual Memorial Writing Workshop

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Virtual Memorial Writing Workshop

Writing is a powerful tool for individual and societal change, self-expression, healing, and the realization of the dignity of one’s self and others. Join Write Around Portland and DoveLewis for a 90-minute creative writing workshop focused on remembering and honoring your relationship with your beloved animal companion. 

The bond between pets and people represent some of the most important relationships in a person's life and through their acclaimed workshop model developed over 21 years, this session will focus on writing and sharing together, as well as exploring ways to use writing as a tool for transformation and healing.

December 12 | 3:00-4:30pm | Online

Registration will close 5 days before the event to send everyone their materials on time. An interest list will be open for those wanting to attend if a spot becomes available or to learn about future writing workshops.

*If more than one person in your home will be attending, please register each person separately to help us get an accurate count for the session. Thank you!

There are many emotions that arise during the grief process. For some, the process of writing offers the opportunity to slow down and find expression for the many thoughts and feelings that arise in grief. We also recognize that at times, the intensity of these emotions may make it difficult to engage with the creative writing process. For additional support, we also offer Pet Loss Support Group meetings.

If your materials do not arrive at your home on time, the materials needed are:
  • A writing utensil
  • Paper or a notebook

We encourage people to write rather than type; however, this class is accommodating for people who need to type. 

Good for new and experienced writers ages 15 and up (younger participants are welcome with a parent or guardian).

For more information about Write Around Portland, visit

Space is limited to 15 people and pre-registration is required.

About Memorial Art Therapy Workshops

This is a free community event. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

Research shows that art and healing come from the same source. In fact, it is now known that when a person is creating art or is healing, this person will emit the same brain wave patterns. Art and healing are so powerful that hospitals are incorporating art into patient care.

Facts about the healing elements of art:

  • Participation in artistic activities can have measurable physiological results such as, reducing stress, improving the immune system, and easing pain
  • Creating art gives a voice and language to unknown emotions, feelings and behaviors Tapping into our creative energy can help a person to feel more alive, to gain inner wisdom, and to stay more completely in the present moment
  • When creating art, it uses the emotional and intuitive aspects of a person


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