Memorial Art Workshop

Friendly House
1737 NW 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97210
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Memorial Art Workshop

Memorial Pendants and Flowerpots

This month, we will be making memorial pendants and flowerpots. Memorial pendants can be incorporated into a necklace or a keychain. Each pendant can include an image that is approximately one inch in diameter. Photos for this project need to be prepared in advance and must be submitted at least one day before the workshop is scheduled to begin. You may submit photos during registration or email up to 3 photos to

Memorial flowerpots will be made using paint and photos of our companion animals. Please bring a variety of printed photos of your pet if you would like to incorporate into your memorial art project. We recommend that photos be printed on regular printer paper rather than photo paper.



Friendly House
1737 NW 26th Ave
Portland, OR 97210


The Friendly House does not offer any onsite parking but paid street parking nearby is available.

About Memorial Art Workshops

This is a free community event. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

One of the best ways to navigate your grief when you lose a pet is by memorializing them through art. Research shows that art and healing come from the same source. In fact, it is now known that when a person is creating art or is healing, this person will emit the same brain wave patterns. Art and healing are so powerful that hospitals are incorporating art into patient care.

Facts about the healing elements of art:

  • Participation in artistic activities can have measurable physiological results such as, reducing stress, improving the immune system, and easing pain
  • Creating art gives a voice and language to unknown emotions, feelings and behaviors Tapping into our creative energy can help a person to feel more alive, to gain inner wisdom, and to stay more completely in the present moment
  • When creating art, it uses the emotional and intuitive aspects of a person

Each month offers a new opportunity to create something unique and take it home with you! Pets welcome in spirit only. Thank you for understanding.

Please note: We want to ensure that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to enjoy these workshops. If you have attended several workshops in recent months, we ask that you wait to reserve space for an upcoming workshop until the Friday before to allow first-time attendees the opportunity to sign up. Thank you for understanding.

Questions? Call 503-228-7281 or email us at

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