DoveLewis Annual Conference for Veterinary Professionals

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DoveLewis Annual Conference for Veterinary Professionals

A central part of DoveLewis’ mission is to provide educational opportunities to the veterinary community. We proudly offer the largest free continuing education conference in the region. This year we’re offering learning tracks for practice managers, technicians and DVMs, as well as a vendor fair and lunch.

Details for the 2019 conference will be available soon for attendees. 

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2018 Conference Lecture Topics and Presenters

DVM Sessions


Thrombocytopenia in the Canine Patient

Shana O'Marra, DVM, DACVECC  /  DoveLewis Chief Medical Officer

Review the diagnosis and clinical implications of thrombocytopenia in dogs and discuss the diagnostic approach, common causes and risk of hemorrhage. We’ll address practical medical decision-making in the thrombocytopenic patient, including planning invasive procedures and triggers for emergent intervention.  Plus, get a brief overview of long-term management for immune-mediated and other common disease processes. 


The Surgical Hemoabdomen

Ashley Magee, DVM, DACVS

We’re focused on triage, stabilization, diagnostic testing and the decision tree for surgical intervention in patients with acute abdominal bleeds.  Join in on a case-based discussion on surgical management of the most common types of abdominal hemorrhage. 


Hemoabdomen:  Uh-Oh, It's Not the Spleen or Liver 

Coby Richter, DVM, DACVS

After Dr. Magee's lecture, look at less common sources of hemorrhage in cats and dogs. Topics will include adrenal gland and renal hemorrhage, invasive vascular processes, and iatrogenic causes such as complications following ovariohysterectomies or castrations. We’ll focus on intra-operative and post-operative aspects of these cases.


Surviving or Not Surviving Sepsis: That Is the Question

Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC

Join in on a review of the human surviving sepsis guidelines and discuss how to translate guidelines to best practices in the management of small animal septic patients.


Common Arrhythmias: Ventricular Ectopy and Atrial Fibrillation

Caryn Reynolds, DVM, DACVIM (Cardio)

Learn about the diagnosis, causes and treatment of the two most common arrhythmias seen in small animal medicine, ventricular ectopy and atrial fibrillation. Ask plenty of questions and take a look at some case examples with us!

Technician Sessions


Critical Care Management of the Exotic Patient (Part One): Avian

Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC)

Companion animals come in all shapes and sizes; feathers, scales and fur. Part one of this two part series will focus on the critical avian patient. You will learn basic assessment, stabilization, nursing requirements and common presenting illnesses.  


Critical Care Management of the Exotic Patient (Part Two): Rabbits, Ferrets and Other Small Mammals

Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC)

The final part of this series will focus on the exotic small mammal patient. You’ll learn basic assessment, stabilization, nursing requirements and common presenting illnesses.


Cardiac Conduction and ECG Interpretation: Back to the Basics for Veterinary Technicians

Jessica Waters, CVT

Let’s discuss cardiac anatomy and physiology, gain an understanding of normal ECG rhythm and review the main arrhythmias a Veterinary Technician will encounter. 


Abdominal Radiograph Interpretation: A Primer

Christy Michael, BVMS

Don’t keep waiting for the vet to explain what’s going on in the radiographs you take. Learn the basics of interpreting abdominal radiographs for yourself!


Make Your Job Easier by Understanding the Feline Patient (AKA Embrace Your Inner Cat Lady)

Becky Smith, CVT, VTS (General Practice)

We’ll discuss cat body language in the clinic environment and ways we technicians and assistants can make a cat’s visit less stressful. Solutions discussed will include low cost or FREE things we can do to help decrease stress in our feline patients in the clinic and make our jobs easier.

Practice Management Sessions


That Moment When: The Impact of Empathy

Tess Payne / DoveLewis Marketing Director

Despite having devices at our fingertips designed to connect you to others in an instant, making connections and building relationships feels harder than ever. But when part of your job is actually to make connections – from supporting your team to marketing to new clients – what can you do?


Employee Retention: Five Lessons from Exit Interviews

Cheryl Latta / DoveLewis Human Resources Manager

Want to keep your superstar employees happy for the long haul? We’ll discuss the five most important topics brought up by employees during their exit interview and learn how to utilize this information to better retain your current employees.


Think Like a Criminal to Catch a Criminal

Rona Amadon, CPA / DoveLewis Chief Financial Officer

Yes, it can happen to you. No business is immune to the risk of employee fraud and the results can be especially devastating to small clinics.  Learn the most popular ways to commit occupational fraud and—more importantly – the most effective ways to deter and detect it.


Talk Is Cheap: How to Communicate When You Don’t Really Want To

Monica Maxwell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP / DoveLewis Chief Administrative Officer

One of the most challenging parts of management is balancing the needs, communication styles and differing priorities of the individuals on your team.  In this lecture, we will use case studies to discuss goal-based communication strategies for communicating effectively with people you like and people you don’t. 


The Changing Workforce

Ron Morgan / DoveLewis President & Chief Executive Officer
Monica Maxwell SPHR, SHRM-SCP / DoveLewis Chief Administrative Officer

One in three people in the labor force are Millennials, making them the largest generation in the current workforce.  Millennials, the growing economy, and a tight labor market are changing the expectations employees have of their employers.  We’ll discuss how the changing labor force has affected the veterinary industry (particularly private practices), our management styles, and offer tips on how to compete in this changing world!

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