Caregiver Support Group


Caregiver Support Group

Topic: Music Therapy for Animals and Caregivers

JUNE 25, 2024 AT 7 PM PT


Caring for a beloved companion animal who has special needs, or a chronic or life-limiting illness is an act of love and comes with challenges and frustrations. While we lovingly provide care to our cherished companions, it can also be a confusing, tiring, overwhelming, and isolating experience. The Caregiver Support Group is a space where people can connect to learn about topics relevant to caring for a companion, as well as yourself, and to find support in community with others.

Virtual Meeting: What to Expect
  • This meeting will be conducted through Zoom. Zoom sessions allow anyone participating to see the participants who have shared their cameras, to speak to the group, and to hear anyone speaking.
  • You will receive an email with a link to the Zoom session after completing your registration. Please save this email so you will be able to join at the time of the event. 
    • For those who have not used Zoom before,  click here to learn how to download the app before the session.
  • A portion of the meeting will be recorded to be made available as a resource for others. The only portion that will recorded is the beginning topic discussion held by the group leader(s) and will stop after this portion. Any recording will be edited as necessary to ensure confidentiality.

Please note: This meeting is designed to provide support to those who are either currently caring for a companion or preparing to do so. This serves as a space for sharing experiences and mutual support, rather than a forum for receiving specific medical advice for your companion.

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