Stray Animal & Wildlife Program

stray animals and wildlife in portland at DoveLewis

DoveLewis is always open and never turns away injured or ill stray animals or wildlife. Hundreds of injured strays, lost pets and hurt wild animals come to DoveLewis from county shelters, Good Samaritans, police officers, and firefighters each year. We also regularly care for injured wildlife when the Audubon Society is closed in the evening. It is not uncommon for the cost of emergency treatment for lost, stray, and wild animals to rise above $200,000 every year. And thanks to our generous donors, we are here 24/7 for stray animals and wildlife needing emergency care.

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We scan all strays for microchips, and we try to find every injured stray’s owner by taking a snapshot of the animal, and posting it on our Lost & Found Pet Database. This database is the most comprehensive place to look for a lost pet in the Portland area.

injured stray kitten at DoveLewisIn June, Janna and Robbie Russell of East Wind Animal Service, which helps provide night services for Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS), received a call from good Samaritans who heard a kitten vocalize when they started their car.

“When we arrived the car owner had taken off the wheel of the car and we were able to see the kitten caught by her paw in the brakes,” said Janna Russell, who also fostered the kitten temporarily. “Robbie unbolted the brakes to release the pressure on the paw and I was able to pull her leg out. We then transported her to DoveLewis for immediate care prior to [MCAS] opening that morning.”

The eight-week-old kitten suffered a severe degloving injury to her right forelimb. Veterinarians at DoveLewis provided initial emergency care for the kitten before she was transferred to MCAS, where her leg was later amputated. She was later named ‘Dove’ and adopted by a local family.

DoveLewis works with all county shelters, and complies with their protocols regarding stray animals. We receive minimal reimbursement for emergency stray care from the surrounding counties animal control agencies. That reimbursement comes only for animals which county agents bring in themselves. Good Samaritans are asked to make a donation for the care of the animal they have rescued, but the expense is often much greater than the contribution. DoveLewis also treats injured wildlife, a cost that is unfortunately not reimbursed by anyone. Care for wildlife and the remainder of the expenses for stray and lost animal care is covered through the Stray Animal & Wildlife Fund.