Innovative Pet Cancer Vaccine Now Available at DoveLewis

PORTLAND, Ore. – The discovery of a lump or bump on your beloved pet is filled with fear and uncertainty. It's a moment when every pet owner yearns for a sign of hope. DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital understands this deep-seated concern, which is why they’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new option for pet owners: Torigen Pharmaceuticals’ innovative cancer vaccine.

The Torigen Autologous Cancer Vaccine not only fights cancer but does so in a way that's uniquely tailored to the individual pet. By harnessing the pet's own tumor cells, this groundbreaking therapy creates a personalized vaccine that empowers their immune system to fight the cancer more effectively.

What sets Torigen apart is not just its effectiveness but also its compassion and accessibility. With minimized side effects compared to traditional chemotherapy and a cost-effective approach, it's a game-changer for families facing the emotional and financial burdens of pet cancer treatment.

“Facing a cancer diagnosis in a pet can bring about a whirlwind of emotional and financial stress,” said Dr. Stacy Montgomerie, DVM, CHPV, DoveLewis Veterinarian and Director of Hospice Care. “At DoveLewis, our mission goes beyond providing exceptional medical care; we strive to nurture the deep bond between pets and their families. The Torigen vaccine not only opens the door to cutting-edge, accessible cancer treatment but also offers hope for a longer, better quality life for our patients.”

DoveLewis’ commitment to being a leader in veterinary medicine drives them to embrace the latest advancements in treatment, always with the needs of pets and their families in mind. As Susanne, Rudy's owner, eloquently expresses, "I love Rudy so much, and this treatment option has given me hope that I wouldn't have otherwise.”

The introduction of the Torigen Autologous Cancer Vaccine stands as a testament to this dedication, reflecting our ongoing commitment to providing state-of-the-art medical options and peace of mind to families.





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